Christmas is almost here!

The entire staff of Arctic Air wishes you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!

(Christmas trivia follows this information)

merry-christmas-2013Ok, where has the time gone?  This year seems like a blur to me!  I started the year unemployed/self employed.  Then, I started working at Fred Anderson Toyota selling cars.  Now, I am employed by Arctic Air Inc.  I am extremely blessed, and I am looking for great things around the horizon. I am working for, and with, some of the best people in the Charleston area.

I cannot say enough about the entire staff at Arctic Air. I am very proud of this business, the people involved in it, and what it represents.  Quality, Integrity, Dependability, Exceptional Service… everything that you would want to see in a company (or a person). Arctic Air is definitely the Premier HVAC Company in the area!

[stextbox id=”warning”] I wanted to let everyone know that the Arctic Air office is closed for Christmas. However, if you have an emergency with your air conditioning, or heating, please call.  We have someone who is on call for emergencies.  Our number is 843-821-0937.  We have a LIVE person who will take your call and get it to our technicians.[/stextbox]

Arctic Air has started using the internet for Service Request.  Just go to our website and click the “Online Service Request” Button.  It looks like this …

Arctic Air Online Service Request

If you don’t like using the internet, that is fine too.  You can always contact us by phone at 843-821-0937.


Here is some Christmas Trivia….

Easy Christmas Trivia 2

1. What kind of Christmas is Bing Crosby dreaming of?
2. What reindeer’s name begins with a V?
3. All I want for Christmas is my…?
Own Big House
Two Front Teeth
Little Brown Dog
Friend Leroy Jones
4. What should you do under a mistletoe?
Give a Hug
Empty Your Pockets
Give a Kiss
Spin Around One Time

5. How do you say Merry Christmas in Spanish?
Habla Espanol
Frohe Weinachten
Buon Natale
Feliz Navidad
6. How many candels should go on an Advent wreath?
7. How many reindeer pull Santa’s sleigh?
8. Which reindeer doesn’t belong?
9. This is a popular drink that’s only available around Christmas?
Purple Haze
Strayberry Milk
Egg Nog
Butter Milk
10. What is Santa’s real name?
Mike James
Chris Krinkle
Kris Kringle
Rush Limbaugh

Answers Follow


Question 1: The correct answer is the White.
Question 2: The correct answer is Vixen.
Question 3: The correct answer is Two Front Teeth.
Question 4: The correct answer is Give a Kiss.
Question 5: The correct answer is Feliz Navidad.
Question 6: The correct answer is 4.
Question 7: The correct answer is 8.
Question 8: The correct answer is Rufus.
Question 9: The correct answer is Egg Nog.
Question 10: The correct answer is Kris Kringle.