Look what Santa had shipped in!

Today, we received a package from Santa for one of our customers. This roof top unit is a 12.5 ton A/C with Gas heat. It is almost 5′ tall, 8′ wide and 10.5′ long. This Trane Air Conditioning and Heating unit is a monster!

This is being installed at a local restaurant in the North Charleston Area.

In order to get this beast off of the back of the truck, Patrick had to use a forklift to spin this unit around.  Nudge by nudge, it was finally turned. Then, he had to get the forks under this and move it into our secret location.

When we go to install this air conditioning unit, we will need a little bit of help from a big ole crane.

Well enough about work.  Today is Friday!  It was a beautiful day in Charleston.  Hopefully, the weekend will be just as nice.

If you have any problems with your heating, or air conditioning, please feel free to contact us by phone or through our website!

Arctic Air Online Service RequestEnjoy your weekend!