Energy Savings Tips … Part 2

new goodman unitWow, we have had another pretty busy week at Arctic Air.  Last week, we did 2 residential unit change outs, 1 commercial unit change out and lots of repairs! All of that, and we were down a man.  This week, we have installed 3 residential units.

(I started working on this blog at the end of last week.  The only thing that I can say is that we are blessed and thankful for the work.)

This week, Craig has made it back to work after being out for a couple of weeks. We are so thankful that he is!  In addition, we were able to add an additional service technician. We would like to welcome Anthony Randolph to our team.

Now, on with the Energy Savings Tips!…

moneyI will say that Staci and I have benefited from the following! Our first month of putting in a programmable thermostat saved us almost $50!  These energy savings tips really work! Your thermostat plays a BIG role in helping with your air conditioner’s efficiency.  By setting your thermostat as directed, you can achieve significant energy thermostat

  1. Your thermostat should be set as high as comfortably possible in the summer.  Because there will be a smaller difference between the inside and outside temperatures, you will effectively lower your electric usage.  The less you use in electricity, the better (for you, that is).
  2. Set your thermostat a little higher when you are away. Experts recommend setting your thermostat at 78°F only when you are at home. Several new programmable thermostats on the market have made it really easy to set up a schedule.
  3. When you do arrive at home, don’t set the thermostat at a colder setting than normal. Doing this does not cool your house faster, and if you forget, you will end up spending more on unnecessary cooling.

And, speaking of thermostats, there are many new model out that are very tech savvy, yet easy to use and program.  For example, Honeywell has touch screen models, and they even have a model where you actually just speak the commands. There are even models that will learn your behavior.  If you need help with choosing a thermostat, please feel free to give us a call (843-821-0937)

ceiling fanThe next blog will be on how to use fans and ventilation stratagies to help cool your home.

If your a/c quits working, please feel free to contact us.  For those of you on our Discount Club, remember that you are not charged overtime on the weekend… membership does have its privileges!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!