Filter Change and a New Website!

Filter Change and a New Website!

Hello everyone!  Staci and I just got back from a short vacation in the mountains of Tennessee.  We stayed at the Tim Fords State Park (for more information check out this link), but more about that a little later.

air filter air conditioning heating charleston scI have been trying to keep everyone on schedule with checking the air filters in your homes.  I totally forgot to send out the reminder last week.  I apologize… and my hand has been slapped.  So, if you have not checked your filter, please take time this weekend.  If your filter is dirty, you are basically choking your a/c unit.  When your a/c can’t get enough air, it causes the whole system to work harder. I want to be sure that you don’t burn up your a/c prematurely, but if it does, give me a call (843-821-0937).

We are excited to announce that we are going to have a new website built.  It is going to have a more modern feel, and be a lot more user friendly, and be more visible on Google, Bing and Yahoo.  We are hoping that this new site will reflect the progressive, dependable, professional company that we are.

In an effort to keep this short, and, because I know everyone is ready for the weekend, I will work on posting the next tip in the Why is Indoor Air Quality Important? 5 Steps to Improve it! series at the beginning of next week.

I hope everyone has a fun, safe weekend!