How to get FREE Preventive Maintenance on your AC/Heater?

Referral ReminderHow to get FREE preventive maintenance on your ac/heater?

Preventive maintenance is an integral part of keeping your air conditioning and heating system working at its peak performance. “Why?”, you might ask. That is a great question, and I will give you several answers to that question in the following paragraphs. But, let’s cut to the chase…. Preventive Maintenance helps save you money.  I think I should type it this way…


Here is how preventive maintenance helps save you money. First off it will help keep your unit running at its peak performance. There is a list of 18 items that are checked on each preventive maintenance inspection. If your unit is pulling more amps than it is supposed to, it is costing you more money to run your air conditioner or heater. Catching some problems will help keep you from prematurely replacing your unit (major savings there).

Secondly, with our preventive maintenance plans, you will be eligible for several discounts on replacement parts. These discounts range between 5 – 15%, no coupon required.

Thirdly, you have priority service and no overtime (based on the Preventive Maintenance Plan you choose). That means that on the weekend or holiday, you don’t have to pay those expensive overtime rates.

Finally, you will be eligible for discounts on indoor air quality products. These products help with removing contaminants from the air, making your home a healthier, more comfortable place to live. (This is especially true for those of us with allergies.)

Get your Preventive Maintenance FREE!

So, the reason that you looked at this is partially because you wanted to see how to get FREE Preventive Maintenance. There is no gimmick. This is simply a referral program. Everyday, we come into contact with someone who needs all kinds of products and services. Usually, we give referrals to help someone. We would like to reward you for referring Arctic Air!

You can get FREE Preventive Maintenance by referring friends and family. If you refer a family member, friend, stranger, etc. to us, and they use us to make a repair or purchase a replacement unit, we will credit your account for 1 month of preventive maintenance. Refer 12 people that use our service, you will get your Preventive maintenance for free for the year.

To make your referrals easy, I am going to have a web page set up. You will have access 24/7. The only stipulation is that you send us the referral before he/she calls us, or ask them to give us your name when they place their service call. We want to give as many FREE Preventive Maintenance Agreements out as possible.

If you only refer 1 or 2 people, we will still credit your account for 1 month of service for each person that you send our way

On January 1, 2015, Arctic Air started offering 3 different Preventive Maintenance Agreements. Each plan is designed (mainly) based on the age of your equipment. There are other factors to consider, so please speak with your service technician about what he would recommend.

Instead of being forced to pay for services you don’t need, you have the ability to choose what plan is right for you. Please call to discuss your options (843-821-0937)