Mini-Split A/C Repaired In Record Time for Isle of Palms Customer!

One of our customers from Isle of Palms, South Carolina gave us a call in hopes that a technician could repair her Mitsubishi Mini-Split unit. This unit is perfect for fitting in a small area and is more energy efficient than a traditional HVAC system. They are ideal for zoning a house to limit the amount of energy for heating and cooling to each room. Although these are great units, if they are not installed properly, they will cause many problems. These problems can also be very difficult to diagnose and repair, especially for the average technician. The best way to ensure your unit remains reliable is by having regular maintenance, by a professional, to catch the problems early on.

Luckily, our customer called us with her problem! Our technician, Steve, came out and was able to quickly diagnose the issue. He even taught her how to repair in record time! She thanked Steve for coming in and determining the problem so fast.  She said that most other technicians have spent hours understanding the mini-split, but Steve understood the problem and went to work right away. He got her unit up and running properly, leaving her with air conditioning once again!

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