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Cold Weather Ahead

Hello fellow Charlestonians and Summervillians!

Winter reminders for Charleston SC

Winter Reminders

It looks like we have a week of cold weather ahead. We wanted to remind everyone to insulate any exposed water pipes, keep the water dripping at night, and bring your pets and plants/flowers inside.  The old saying goes… “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

We know that our friends up north have had a harsh winter, but by the Grace of God, we have been pretty lucky with our weather.

If you have a chance tonight when you get home, check to be sure that your heat is working properly. If you find that your heater is not keeping up, or is running longer than it should, give us a call. Likewise, if you have a furnace that doesn’t seem to be heating properly, call us.

We have a couple of specials that we are running to help save you some money. The first is a service call special for $45. This includes travel to your home and a basic diagnosis of what is wrong with your system. All repairs will be quoted for your approval before any repairs are made.

$45 Service Call Special for Charleston SC

$45 Service Call Special for the Charleston SC area

The second special that we are running is a winter start up special. This includes a multi-point inspection (it will take about 45 minutes – 1 hour to complete) and it includes the travel. Please mention these coupons when placing your service request.

$79 Winter tune-up special - Charleston SC

$79 Winter Tune Up Special

Service requests may be place by calling 843-821-0937. We have live operators ready to take your calls. If you would like to use the internet, please visit our website at www.arcticairinc.com.


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