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I am extremely proud to work with Arctic Air and the group of people that are on staff. It is nice to see that everyone is on the same page when it comes to quality, dependability, integrity, customer service … and the list goes on.

Please take a look at this review that was left on Google Reviews for us.

Kudos to Troy for just doing his job the way that he always does. Apparently, “the other guys” don’t operate in the same fashion.

I think you will get the idea of what I am talking about once you ready this review.  (Click here for review on Google)

(Names have been removed of the other company) This is what Melanie wrote….

First, I’ll start with our bad experience with another company and then I’ll tell you about our great experience with Arctic Air.  First, I’ll start with our bad experience with another company and then I’ll tell you about our great experience with Arctic Air.We got a cold call from ************  Heating and Air to set up a routine service of our unit.  We figured we should since it had been a while since it had been cleaned and could use a look-over.  After the service guy, M*****, had been there 15 minutes, my husband and I were ALMOST convinced that our upstairs air handler was on its last leg.  The unit is 9 years old. M***** told us the unit was originally installed improperly on its side, the coils were leaking and may need to be replaced, and the inner drip pan was rusted out and discontinued (therefore would have to be handmade if replaced) which was why there was water in the secondary drip pan. Mitch said, in a very dire manner, that the repairs could cost up to $2000 making us think it was time to invest in a new system. He put our name in as a “Sales Lead” and called the manager who tried to make an apt ASAP.  We declined. I like to do research and the more I read, the more confused I was about what he told us.

Now we get to the good part.  We decided to call Arctic Air, a York dealer, (the brand we own). Troy came the next day.  First, the unit can be installed upright or on its side so it IS installed properly.  The “rusted” inner drip pan is PLASTIC!  The water in the outer drip pan was because the drain line was clogged which Troy unclogged (something that should have been included in *********’s routine service call).  There was water because the unit needed freon, had frozen and thawed after it was added.  He couldn’t find the leak because it was too small but he spent an hour sealing up the ducts that were no longer connected to the vents so we would no longer air condition the attic.  Something M***** from ******** never mentioned. Troy told us that, although it isn’t a perfect situation, we’ll need to add freon yearly or every other year until the leak is big enough to find and seal but not worth replacing the whole system.  These units should last 15 yrs if well maintained.  To top it off, ******** charged almost $20 more per pound of freon.

I found Troy from Arctic Air to be polite, truthful about the reality of the situation, hardworking, and honestly embarrassed about how some people in the industry try to cheat people.  The people at Arctic Air are good honest people and skilled at what they do.  I’ll be using them from now on.

         Thank you Melanie for this review.AA says thank you2