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It looks like Charleston SC is going to have a great weekend!

Charleston SC is going to have a great weekend!


Announcing a great weekend in Charleston SC.

WOW!! What a crazy weather week, but the weekend looks like it is going to be INCREDIBLE! But, before we can get to that beautiful Saturday, we have to go through a pretty cold Friday night. Tonight, it is going to get down to 29°F. Please don’t ruin your weekend by having plumbing issues. Remember to let those faucets drip tonight.

After that, we have some great weather ahead! So, what will you do with it? I know that I would like to get out of the house, and maybe do a little “stay-cation” in downtown Charleston SC.  We may even hit one of the restaurants that appeared on “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives”. You never know….

I would like to remind my fellow male friends that February 14th is just around the corner. Staci and I wanted to get reservations at Burwell’s Steak House in downtown Charleston. Unfortunately, they don’t have any seats available until after 10pm. I never would have though that 2 weeks before Valentine’s Day that they would be at full capacity.  I thought I was doing good by looking 2 weeks ahead… ugh.


Call Sandra at The Bird’s Nest – 843-797-7673 (ROSE)

In addition, if you would like to get your sweetheart some flowers, I cannot think of a better place than The Bird’s Nest Florist. If you like some upscale, beautiful arrangements that will certainly get you some brownie point, Sandra is the lady to call. I think I like the fact that her number is so easy to remember… 843-797-ROSE (7673). You can also place orders on her website …

As always, if you have any heating issues over the weekend, we do have service technicians on call to help you. So, you can contact us by phone at 843-821-0937 or on website at






It’s that time again! Check your ac/heater filters.

don't forget to change your filtersIt’s that time again! Please be sure to check your ac/heater filters.

As I have gotten older, it seems like time is going by faster and faster.  Here we are at the end of January… 2015. Things have definitely changed over the past 45 years. Unfortunately, one thing that hasn’t changed, yet, is that we still have to manually check and change the air filters in our air conditioning and heating systems. Right now, it seems like there will never be a way around that, but who knows what the future may hold.


“Please check your air filters” – Mingus

Since the weekend is here, please take a moment and check your air filters.  If they are dirty, they need to be changed.  “Why?”, you ask.  Your air conditioning and heating filters need to be changed when they are dirty so that your unit can breathe in relatively clean air. If not, when the air passes through the evaporator coil, it will begin to leave traces of dust, pollen, and debris. Over time, this will build up and clog the evaporator coil. That means minimal air will pass through. Your system is not going to cool or heat as well as it used to AND it could cause a motor to burn out.

raisin in summerville sc

This is Raisin. I couldn’t post one of our pugs without posting the other. Fair is fair.



Filters are not that expensive, and they can help prevent some MAJOR repairs from having to be made. I know that it seems like such a menial task, but it is extremely important to the life of your air conditioning and heating system. As Mingus, our 14 year old pug, would say, “Please check your air filters”.

After you check and possibly change your air filters, just kick back and relax. The weekend is here and you deserve a break!


Put dates on your filter to get an idea of how often you need to change them.

I hope everyone has a warm, relaxing weekend.


Mini-Split A/C Repaired In Record Time for Isle of Palms Customer!

One of our customers from Isle of Palms, South Carolina gave us a call in hopes that a technician could repair her Mitsubishi Mini-Split unit. This unit is perfect for fitting in a small area and is more energy efficient than a traditional HVAC system. They are ideal for zoning a house to limit the amount of energy for heating and cooling to each room. Although these are great units, if they are not installed properly, they will cause many problems. These problems can also be very difficult to diagnose and repair, especially for the average technician. The best way to ensure your unit remains reliable is by having regular maintenance, by a professional, to catch the problems early on.

Luckily, our customer called us with her problem! Our technician, Steve, came out and was able to quickly diagnose the issue. He even taught her how to repair in record time! She thanked Steve for coming in and determining the problem so fast.  She said that most other technicians have spent hours understanding the mini-split, but Steve understood the problem and went to work right away. He got her unit up and running properly, leaving her with air conditioning once again!

Click here to learn more about the #1 air conditioning repair company in Isle of Palms, SCmitsubishi-mini-split

Common AC and Heating Questions Answered – Part 1

Common AC and Heating Questions Answered – Part 1

The question and answer follows this brief “Thank you”…..

YES, YES, YES, it is FRIDAY! and we are looking forward to the weekend.

Do I have any plans for the weekend, you might ask? Nope, I do not have any plans for the weekend at this point, and that is a good thing! Before we check out for the weekend, we wanted to mention a few things to our loyal customers, Facebook and Twitter followers.

First, I would like to say, “Thank You” to all of our longtime customers and Facebook / Twitter Fans.  Facebook, Twitter, and social media in general, is the “word of mouth” advertising of this generation. There is no better form of advertising that “word of mouth”.  When you “share” or “like” our posts, it says to the world that you trust and believe in us. We appreciate your support. Please continue to “share” and “like our posts.

free ac surveySecondly, we would like to say, “Welcome and Thank you” to the new Facebook Fans.  We are glad that you have decided to like our page. If you have not had a chance to do business with us, we look forward to serving you in the future. (Our phones are answered by real people 24/7). Please be sure to “share” or “like” any posts that you find helpful and informative.

Occasionally, we will put offers and discounts (that will save you money) online exclusively for Facebook.  Feel free to share those posts as well.

When I do these blogs, I try to make them useful and informative. If you have a question that you would like answered in a blog, feel free to contact me, Mike, at, or you can call me at the office at 843-821-0937.

Here is the first question that will be answered…

“How much is a new a/c and heating unit going to cost?

That is a great question! A new a/c and heating unit will cost …. Click here to find out the answer.

residential air conditioning and heating units

York air conditioning and heating system

Have a great weekend!




Happy Friday and Happy MLK Day!

T.G.I.F! Happy Friday and Happy MLK Day!

This week has definitely been a dreary one. The good news is, it looks like the weekend is going to be BEAUTIFUL! I hope everyone gets an opportunity to get out and enjoy the mild weather and a little bit of sunshine.

In addition, this is a holiday weekend for some. With gas prices being as low as they are, it seems like a road trip may be in order. Who would have ever thought that we would see gas under $2.00 a gallon. I had to try and “stuff” $27.50 worth of gas in my gas tank… usually it is around $40.

Prestige IAQ_EIM_New Design_HiRez As I was thinking about my last trip to Myrtle Beach, I remembered how nice it was to be able to control my thermostat at my house with my iphone. Basically, I turned off the ac when I left. When I started my journey back, I was able to turn it back on, and it was nice and cool when I arrived. This works in the winter for heat too!

Honeywell WI-FI 9000So, if you would like to be able to have that kind of flexibility, you may want to look into the WI-FI thermostats that are available. These types of thermostats are great for regulating your air conditioning and heating system where ever you have a connection to the internet. This includes your smart phone, tablet, or computer. In addition, the thermostats that are on the market now, are extremely easy to program.

Honeywell VisionPRO8000Of course, Lowe’s and Home Depot have consumer versions of these programmable, wi-fi thermostats. Usually, they don’t have as much functionality as the thermostats that are available through licensed air conditioning and heating contractors. They also get a shorter warranty period! If you buy a thermostat from Lowe’s or Home Depot, the Honeywell’s Limited Warranty is only 1 year. If you purchase your Honeywell thermostat from a licensed contractor, it comes with a 5 year Limited Warranty. We are also able to come to your home to wire it up, and help you set up your online connection.

I must also mention that these are great for rental properties and for businesses.

Call today to schedule your consultation – 843-821-0937.

Honeywell FocusPro 6000 wi-fi
 I would also like to wish everyone a Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (Monday, January 19, 2015) . Take time to reflect on the past to learn, and use that knowledge to make a better tomorrow!

I hope everyone has a great weekend. As my friend Kathy would say, “PEACE!”

How to get FREE Preventive Maintenance on your AC/Heater?

Referral ReminderHow to get FREE preventive maintenance on your ac/heater?

Preventive maintenance is an integral part of keeping your air conditioning and heating system working at its peak performance. “Why?”, you might ask. That is a great question, and I will give you several answers to that question in the following paragraphs. But, let’s cut to the chase…. Preventive Maintenance helps save you money.  I think I should type it this way…


Here is how preventive maintenance helps save you money. First off it will help keep your unit running at its peak performance. There is a list of 18 items that are checked on each preventive maintenance inspection. If your unit is pulling more amps than it is supposed to, it is costing you more money to run your air conditioner or heater. Catching some problems will help keep you from prematurely replacing your unit (major savings there).

Secondly, with our preventive maintenance plans, you will be eligible for several discounts on replacement parts. These discounts range between 5 – 15%, no coupon required.

Thirdly, you have priority service and no overtime (based on the Preventive Maintenance Plan you choose). That means that on the weekend or holiday, you don’t have to pay those expensive overtime rates.

Finally, you will be eligible for discounts on indoor air quality products. These products help with removing contaminants from the air, making your home a healthier, more comfortable place to live. (This is especially true for those of us with allergies.)

Get your Preventive Maintenance FREE!

So, the reason that you looked at this is partially because you wanted to see how to get FREE Preventive Maintenance. There is no gimmick. This is simply a referral program. Everyday, we come into contact with someone who needs all kinds of products and services. Usually, we give referrals to help someone. We would like to reward you for referring Arctic Air!

You can get FREE Preventive Maintenance by referring friends and family. If you refer a family member, friend, stranger, etc. to us, and they use us to make a repair or purchase a replacement unit, we will credit your account for 1 month of preventive maintenance. Refer 12 people that use our service, you will get your Preventive maintenance for free for the year.

To make your referrals easy, I am going to have a web page set up. You will have access 24/7. The only stipulation is that you send us the referral before he/she calls us, or ask them to give us your name when they place their service call. We want to give as many FREE Preventive Maintenance Agreements out as possible.

If you only refer 1 or 2 people, we will still credit your account for 1 month of service for each person that you send our way

On January 1, 2015, Arctic Air started offering 3 different Preventive Maintenance Agreements. Each plan is designed (mainly) based on the age of your equipment. There are other factors to consider, so please speak with your service technician about what he would recommend.

Instead of being forced to pay for services you don’t need, you have the ability to choose what plan is right for you. Please call to discuss your options (843-821-0937)

Arctic Air is coming to SC!

Arctic Air is coming to SC!

I just wanted to mention that we have some cold weather coming in the next few days.  As the temperature drops, please keep in mind a few things….

  1. Leave some water trickling inside your home
  2. Bring your outside pets in
  3. Bring your plants in or try to cover them
  4. Check your heat to be sure that it is working properly.

If you find that your heat is not working properly, please call us (843-821-0937) or contact us via our online request form (click here ===>internet) as soon as possible. We have service technicians available to help you stay warm during the cold snap!


Here is a coupon to help offset some of the cost of a service call.

Arctic Blast

Don’t forget to check your air filters!

Don’t forget to check your air filters!

don't forget to change your filtersJust a quick reminder… the first of 12 actually…LOL.  It is time to check your air filters. If they are dirty, please make it a priority to change the filters. You will be glad you did.

IMG_1310Helpful Hint: When you change your filter this time, put the date that you are replacing it on the filter itself. This will give you an idea of how long it has been since your last filter change.


Happy New Year! Look at what we did!

I hope that everyone had a great New Year’s Day!

As I mentioned in the previous blog post, my family and I planned to go to the 2014 Flip Flop Drop. Because we were unsure of how things were going to be set up, we planned to go early…. actually, really early! As soon at I got off of work, I headed to Target to pick up some long johns. I figured it would be cold. Then, I went home, and we loaded up the car with blankets and chairs. Staci and I were soon on the road to Goose Creek to meet up with my parents, uncles and aunts. Everything went off without a hitch.

We all headed to Folly Beach in two vehicles. We even found free parking close to the area where we were going to be.  Since we have no clue of what will be going on regarding the festivities, my uncle asks a parking attendant where everything will take place. WOW, we were 1-2 blocks away from the place where the Flip Flops were going to drop.

Next order of business…. FOOD! So, we walk a little ways and we find ourselves at Snapper Jacks. There are a number of people in the restaurant, but nothing crazy. We get promptly seated on the second floor.

Because this was a special get together for all of us, everyone who had a camera (or camera on their phone) started snapping photos. Once the commotion quieted down, we ordered our food.

IMG_1407While we were waiting on our food, we decided to explore a little. Actually, I was with smokers who needed to find a place to smoke…LOL. So, we notice that there is a deck on the second floor. And, when we went for the “smoke break”. To my surprise, we were right above where the firetruck was parked. You know… the firetruck that the Flip Flops for the “drop”are attached to.

So we asked our waitress if it was ok for us to hang out on the deck after we ate. She said yes. So, we ate our food, and it was DELICIOUS. (We will definitely going back to Snapper Jacks.) Then we made our way to the deck to watch everything go down.


Fred and Jo


Aunt Esther and Staci


Michael and Staci


Uncle Sal


Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Mimi


Here is what I found to be really funny. My parents, my Aunts, and my Uncles are ALL from New York. You know, where it is really cold…where it snows on a regular basis. NEW YORK. You would have thought that we were in Alaska. They looked like Eskimos in a snow storm.

Well, the anticipation and energy started to rise as 2015 drew near. It was exciting to see the flip flops begin their decent. Once the clock got to the 1 minute mark, the crowd started to get louder and louder. Then, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 , 2, 1 ….. HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Hugs, kisses, handshakes, shouts and lots of noise makers!

IMG_1448IMG_1446 (1)So, this year, my Aunt Esther got to scratch the Flip Flop Drop off of her bucket list. I am praying that she will be with us next year to do the same thing again!


Happy New Year!

Happy Happy Happy New Year!

Happy Happy Happy New Year! 2015 is almost here!

Well, 2014 is almost gone, and 2015 is right around the corner. It is amazing how time flies as you get older. Just think about the late 90’s. Everyone thought that when year 2000 hit, that the earth would be no more. On top of that, if we did make it to 2000, there were the problems with computers not recognizing the year 2000. There were going to be all kinds of problems. Now, all of that is a distant memory.

Again, time flies.

flip-flopTonight, Staci, other family members and I, are heading out for New Years. Typically, I am catching some zzzz’s when midnight rolls around. Well, this year is different. I want to help my Aunt Esther fulfill one of her “bucket list” items. So, we are heading to Folly Beach for the “Flip Flop Drop.”

I am looking forward to this time. My Aunt has had a very tough year, and it is a privilege to be able to go with her this evening. (Check out Flip Flop Drop 2012 …

And with that being said, I would encourage everyone to take time to spend some time with your loved ones. We are not promised tomorrow. Unfortunately, on Christmas Eve, we lost a very special lady. This is John’s (owner of Arctic Air) sister Millie. Millie was a hard working, caring, and loving person. You could always expect a call on your birthday from her. When she greeted you, you could expect a big hug and a kiss on the check, usually follow by the words “I love you”. And, you knew she meant those words. She will be greatly missed, but not forgotten. She touched many people’s lives.   Your prayers and condolences for the family are greatly appreciated.

We are looking forward to 2015 with great anticipation. As mentioned in my last post, Arctic Air has attained several goals that have alluded us for the past 21 year. Now that we have reached those goals, we have more in place. We are going to work to be better in 2015. What do I mean by that? We want to have better customer service, better response times, better marketing, and more training.

We want to be better for you!

Finally, we would like to express our gratitude for all of our customers, vendors, employees, friends and family members. Without your support, we would not be here.

So my final words to you for 2014 are “THANK YOU!”

AA says thank you2