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Merry Christmas 2014

christmastreeWishing You A Very Merry Christmas!

Wow! Another year has past, and so very quickly! This year has been one of great change and growth… and unfortunately, some loss.

I have a friend that will be missed. He passed away about 3 weeks ago. I am  so glad that I got to be a part of his life for 15 or so years. Rest in peace Nicholas, rest in peace, my friend. I am so glad that I have a lot of great memories of time spent together. May his wife of 50 years, Betty,  find comfort and the peace that surpasses all understanding in the days to come.

I am sure that we all had some sorrow that 2014 has brought to our doorsteps. It is up to us to decide whether we will use that sorrow as a “stepping stone” or a “stumbling block”. My hope and prayer is that whatever may have come your way, that you can turn it into a “stepping stone” for you and your family. Is that going to be easy? Probably not, but you have a choice… you can be “better” from it or “bitter” from it. Strive to be better, it is worth it in the long run.

All of us at Arctic Air have been extremely blessed this year. We, as a company,  have attained goals that have eluded us for 21 years! None of this could have been accomplished without the amazing team of people that we have working here at Arctic Air. Each team member is highly regarded and respected.

So for everyone here (Valarie, John, Staci, Chuck, Patrick, Troy, Craig, Steve, Becky, Monica and Mike)… GREAT JOB! Know that you are appreciated for your hard work and dedication.

Thank you to our customers, who have remained loyal and committed to us. In today’s society, it seems that loyalty is a characteristic that you don’t see much. We are fortunate enough to see it everyday here at Arctic Air. We appreciate you all, and we look forward to serving you in 2015.

With Christmas and New Year’s Day upon us, I hope that everyone has a wonderful time with your family and friends. May you build lasting, positive memories that you will enjoy for the rest of your lives.

As this year closes, I must say that I am excited to see what next year holds.

May you all be blessed this Christmas Season. Merry Christmas!


 If you need  service, please call 843-821-0937.

We have service technicians on call throughout the Holidays.



Charleston Air Conditioner Repaired With Cleaning & Maintenance

We had a repair service scheduled in Charleston for our customer’s air conditioner. The customer informed us that when he turned on the unit, but it wasn’t cooling. Arctic Air arrived promptly as scheduled, then began looking it over. The air filter needed to be changed immediately and the dirty coils needed to be cleaned.

Having a regular check-up and maintenance work can prevent issues such as these, so they don’t worsen with time. After the technician changed the filter and cleaned the coils, he turned the unit on. These fixes were able to get the and the unit began cooling the home again. The customer was thrilled that the air conditioner was able to be fixed, and at an affordable price.

For more information on Charleston’s #1 trusted air conditioner repair service, click here!

Christmas Special!

Merry Christmas! We have a Christmas Special just for you!

We are running a Christmas Special. This will be limited to 10 customers. Schedule an appointment with Mike before 12/31/14 to get up to $1500 off a new YORK Heating and Air Conditioning System.  Santa has already called us and said that you have been good this year.

There is so much more to discuss …  including  LOW MONTHLY PAYMENTs with approved credit (and you don’t have to have perfect credit to qualify.)

Here are some benefits of installing a new system:

  • Better energy efficiency resulting in lower electric bills
  • 10 year parts/compressor warranty resulting in no cost for 10 years for covered parts
  • 10 year labor warranty resulting in no cost for fixing covered repairs
  • Reliability of a new system resulting in comfort
  • Peace of mind

Let’s face it. If a system is going to go out, it seems like it is going to happen when the house is full of people, or it is extremely hot or cold. In some cases, the energy savings alone could pay for the new unit.

If you are seeing this special on Facebook or Twitter, please share this with your friends and family.



Christmas Special

What to do if your heater isn’t working?

What to do if your heater isn’t working?

Well, our weather has certainly changed drastically over the past week. It has gone from being close to the 80’s to being in the 40’s and 50’s.  The rain that we had yesterday seemed to make it worse. The wonton soup that I ate last night certainly hit the spot!

I want to give everyone a few tips on “what to do if your heater isn’t working?” These tips and more can be found on our website. Some of these seem very elementary, however, it doesn’t hurt to double check.

Thermostat example

Click to enlarge

1.Since you are most likely trying to get some heat, check the setting on the thermostat. Be sure that it is in “heat” mode.

2. Check the temperature setting. In order for the heat to come on, the thermostat must be set higher than the indoor air temperature that is displayed. This is the “communications” hub for your system. The thermostat tells the heating system that you need some heat.

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

3. Check to see if there is power going to the furnace or air handler. Do this by setting the fan switch to the “on” position (on the thermostat).

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

4. Check the circuit breakers at the electrical panel of your home. Be sure that they are in the “on” position, and have not tripped.

ssu switch5. If you have a furnace, check the SSU switch. This switch looks like a light switch on a gray box. Again, be sure that it is in the “on” position.

Click to enlarge

6. Check your air filters. Clogged, dirty filters do not allow for air to flow freely to your furnace or air handler. If you have a furnace, check the furnace filters (if applicable). Check these filters on a monthly basis.


If you have checked all of these items, and you are still cold, please contact us. We always have a live person answering the phone 24/7, and service technicians that are available.

In addition, we have some winter specials on our website at





Filter Change Time!!

I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving with family and friends. Staci and I had a great Thanksgiving break with our family and friends.  I can honestly say that we our thankful for the people in our lives!

I am also very thankful for getting back to work.  With the time off, I decided to do a project that I have been contemplating for a few months. (For some reason, I think about the project, analyze the project, price out the project, and then spend more time researching the project.) This project did not need all of that thought and effort, but I did it anyway.

So what was the project? A small  fire pit in the back yard. Our friends Kurt and Cindy have a fire pit in their back yard. We wanted to keep up with the “Jones’s”. (LOL) Whenever we visit them, if it is cold out, we always get together around their fire pit. It is a great way to “unplug” from tv, internet, cell phones and “social media”. In addition, you get to spend time with people that you love, while being outside.

fire pit 3I was able to get some time Saturday to execute the master plan. Lowe’s had the fire pit bowl that I wanted on “Black Friday Sale”, and I decided to pick up up. It was over 50% off. That was all that I was supposed to buy, but then I started looking at the pavers that I needed to make the round enclosure. Well, before I knew it, I was loading up one of those big carts with these bricks.

By the way, I am really out of shape.  I realized that after picking up the first load of bricks.  Each of these things weighs in at 24 lbs each.

So I loaded the first 20 pavers and the 3′ fire pit bowl into my Toyota Camry. At this time, I thought, I really need a truck!

I went home and unloaded the bricks. The dolly surely helped but it was still a lot of weight to pull. Ugh… Again I say, I am really out of shape.

fire pit 2I unpacked the bowl, spray painted a circle in the grass where the fire pit was going, and made the first layer.  Then, I put the last 4 or 5 pavers in position on the second level.

fire pit 1Now it is back to Lowe’s for the second load of pavers. I picked them up, along with some drainage rock and sand. After the second layer, the third layer went on.

I did have to make an adjustment, and I didn’t have the proper tools. So, I took the back of a claw hammer and started pounding away. After about 10 – 15 hits, the paver was split and I had the final piece that I needed. I put that last paver in place then I added the rock and sand to the center, and I was finished.relaxing at the fire pit

Now it is time to sit back with Staci, and enjoy the fruits of my labor!

Thank you for reading my little story.

FILTER CHANGE: I would also like to remind you of a little project that you need to take care of soon. It is time to check your air filters to see if they need to be replaced.  

Also, if you need to schedule your Winter Tune-up, give us a call at 843-821-0937.

Once that is done, take a moment to sit back and relax.air filter air conditioning heating charleston sc



Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!Happy Thanksgiving!

I can definitely say that I am so ready for Thanksgiving!

The thought of my Mom’s Thanksgiving Feast makes my mouth water as I am writing this blog. I am thinking about the juicy, mouthwatering turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, collard greens, pumpkin pie, banana pudding, and fruit cake.

In addition to some of the traditional Thanksgiving Day “fixins”, my Mom adds some Puerto Rican dishes that are absolutely delicious. For example, she also makes Puerto Rican rice and beans, and pastels (a meat pie made from green bananas).  Yum, Yum, Yum!

I am so thankful for the country that live in. Despite the problems that we face as a country, we are all blessed to be living in a country like the USA. I am thankful for my family and friends who love and care about me and my family. I am thankful for my wife. Let’s face it, she puts up with me. I absolutely love my job and the people that I work with. I am thankful for the struggles that I have, for they push me to be better. Wow! My family and I are definitely blessed!

Finally, all of us at Arctic Air would like to express how thankful we are for our customers!


Holiday Schedule:

Thursday (Thanksgiving) – Service Calls will be taken (Holiday* rates apply)

Friday (Black Friday) – Office closed. Service calls will be taken through our answering service. (Regular rates apply)

Monday, December 1 – Office re-opens at 8am.

*Please note that if you are a Discount Club member, you do not pay overtime ever, even on Holidays.




Welcome to the Team!

Welcome SteveAll of us at Arctic Air would like to WELCOME Steve to our team. He and his family moved from New York to Charleston. Steve has over 25 years experience in the hvac industry. We look forward to working with him.

AC/Heating Unit Replacement for Goose Creek Customer

This Goose Creek, SC customer called because his AC/heating unit was not working. We found that he had a major repair ($2,000) that needed to be made. Since his ac/heating unit was so old, we recommended replacing the unit. When we were removing the unit, we discovered that the unit had a major leak in the evaporator coil. This repair would have cost between $1,500 and $2,000! Jose called office and joined our Discount Club for 3 years, also.

Jose was very happy that we recommended replacing the old unit with a new York 13 Seer Heat Pump. This customer is now able to have peace of mind for the next 10 years. Not only are his parts and compressor warrantied for 10 years, but he also got a 10 year labor warranty. Charleston, SC just got a major cold snap in the weather. We were able to install this unit and now his family is nice and warm!

Jose could not thank me enough for giving him great service, a quality professional installation, and a great price. We even had a little bit of rain that we worked through to get the job done. Notice how wet the unit is in the pictures.

He said, “thank you for all that you did.” He also told us that he didn’t think that he would be able to get such a good price for quality equipment.

Check out the unit below!

Goose Creek AC

Goose Creek AC








For more information on Goose Creek’s #1 AC & heating repair company, click here!

5 star rating posted on for Arctic Air Inc

If you didn’t get a chance to see this 5 Star rating on, check out what Jose F. wrote about us!

5stars-A+“I was worried about the cost of replacing the entire air conditioning unit, but this company did get me a  good payment plan that will not harm my monthly budget. They are very professional and very honest starting with the customer service to installers. I am very satisfied with the work they did in my house, which I will recommend to everyone. Thanks guys, you are awesome!” 

Jose F., Goose Creek SC

Is the air filter in my ac/heater that important?

Is the air filter in my ac/heater that important? Of course, you know the answer is YES! That is if you want to keep your ac/heater running at its peak efficiency, and you don’t want to prematurely have to replace your unit.

Sometimes people need more information about “why” the air filter is important. I didn’t realize how important the air filter is until I started working for Arctic Air. I mean, yeah, I knew that it was there for a reason.  But, do I really have to replace it every month? And, truthfully, you don’t need to replace your filter every month.  That is correct, however you do need to check it every month.

filtercomparisonWhen you check your air filter, if it only has a little bit of dust or dirt trapped in it, you don’t need to change it.  But, if it is dirty then you do. Especially if it looks like the ac/heater was trying to suck it through the duct work! If the latter is the case, you are causing your ac/heater to work harder, use more electricity, and you are potentially going to trap dirty and grime in the evaporator coil (this is an expensive repair).

So how does that ac/heater filter get so dang dirty? Your home, like mine, contains lots of contaminants. Dust, VOCs, pollen, pet hair and dander, and more are floating in the air. When your air conditioner begins to draw the air into the system, it brings these contaminants with it.

Your ac/heater’s air filter(s) is/are the first line of defense. Filters are used to help stop the contaminants from entering the systems.  What is interesting is, the longer you have your air filter installed, the more dirt and grime it will trap. Once these contaminants start building up, that filter will get clogged.

So what! What will happen if my ac/heater is dirty? 

  1. Dirt builds up! – This, as you can guess, is not a good thing.  When dirt gets past the ac/heater’s filter, it will begin to build up on the systems various components. This filth is not good for any of the components, but it especially effects the evaporator coil. This is the component that removes the heat from the air, therefore, providing cool air for your home. When this coil gets dirty, air cannot pass as easily through it. So you don’t get the cooling effect that you desire.  Now your unit has to run longer and harder to reach the set point on your thermostat. This costs you money!  Don’t overpay the electric company.
  2. Higher electric bills! – A dirty evaporator coil is not the only thing that increases the cost of running your ac/heater.  The air handler will also cause your electric bill to increase, and will cause your efficiency to decrease. When the filter is dirty, your air handler will have to work harder and longer to pull the air through the filter. Once again, increasing energy consumption.  This costs you money! Don’t overpay the electric company.
  3. Dirty air distributed! – YUCK. The air filter is supposed to remove contaminants from the air. Remember, this is the air that we breathe. This could potentially cost you money! How? Healthcare costs and time out of work.

If you have any questions about indoor air quality, please feel free to contact us.  There are many different solutions that are available.